Tuesday 21 August 2018

Nursery visit: Millthorpe Nursery

On the weekend I discovered Millthorpe Nursery, in Holmesfield, just on the outskirts of Sheffield. I had pass the sign several times and kept meaning to drop in. And I finally made it, and so glad I did.

It's a small independent nursery, and has only been going a couple of years. They have a mix of hardy perennials, shrubs, annuals, shade lovers, fruit trees, a bit of everything. And it's how they present it that I really loved. None of the usual A-Z rows of plants. Instead different groups of plants are displayed, sitting on top of pallets, to give you ideas on how a plant might be used in your garden.

Plant displays on pallets

I gather they change the displays around depending on the season. They also have a small garden which you can wander around and sit in to enjoy. This showed plants fully formed and gives you further inspiration on how the plants in the nursery might look in your garden.

Head towards the stone wall and arch to find the small garden

Anemanthele lessoniana in it's full glory in the garden

The owners tend to be potting about, tending plants when they aren't assisting customers. If you have a question, as I did about a fern, if they don't know the answer off-hand, they'll look it up for you. I found them friendly and helpful, without crowding you.

Pots used in displays can be purchased

The nursery seemed to have a nice mix of popular plants, but often with an alternative variety from what you might see in a big garden centre. So no Crocosmia Lucifer, but they did have the lovely Crocosmia 'Coleton Fishacre'. This means you have the chance to discover something new, which for me, means it will be worth me dropping in often to see what else I can discover.

As their displays change with the seasons, they will soon be offering Spring flowering bulbs, which you'll be able to buy individually so you can get just the number you want. Although I have already put in my main bulb order online, I think it would be a shame if I didn't return and see what they were offering...

I'm so glad I finally dropped in. There will be lots more dropping in, in the future.

Millthorpe Nursery are generally opened Tuesday to Sunday. See their website for seasonal opening times.

You can follow them on Twitter @MillthorpeNurs and Facebook.