Thursday 24 March 2011

Garden visit: Anglesey Abbey

 Along the winter walk

It is frequently claimed that the winter garden at Anglesey Abbey is one of the best in the country. I heartily concur. I've visited it several times over the last few years, and it never fails to delight with its warm winter and early spring colours. This years' visit was no exception. The Cornus above (perhaps midwinter fire?), with hellebores in the front, Prunus serrula behind and the gorgeous blue sky as a backdrop was quite breath-taking.
Prunus Serrula

Along with Acer Griseum, Prunus Serrula counts as one of my most favouite trees ever. The bark on both are warm through-out the year, but it is the late-winter-early-springtime when they best show this feature. You cannot but want to stroke the bark and branches. Pure garden-porn!

We were visiting with Audrey as part of a weekend break. Audrey turned 80 on Saturday, so we wisked her off for a couple of days in celebration, visiting Anglesey Abbey, as well as Pensthorpe and a lovely B&B (of which I'll write in another blog). Here is mother and son looking a bit unsure about being photographed by yours truly yet again, in the lovely Birch Grove.

Other beauties to be found on the day...

Tulipa turkestanica

 Chionodoxa sardensis through red Cornus

Hellebore hybrid (goodness knows which one, they are rather promiscuous!)

Scilla siberica

If you haven't already visited Anglesey Abbey, do visit. If you have, go again. It's just stunning.