Friday, 12 July 2019

Wisteria border: before and after

A year ago, this is what the Wisteria border looked like.

What Wisteria border you ask?

Well, this is now.

It's always good to take before and after photos. You often get caught up in what work you still want to do in your garden, so it's good to be able to take stock to see how far you've come.

It's hard to point out where the actual Wisteria is, as it's still a young plant. Hopefully this time next year I'll be able to show you.


  1. I often forget to take before photos. we never seem attracted to the worst bits of the garden until they are improved.

  2. What a difference! And you're absolutely right about taking before photos - as you say, it's so handy to be able to look back and take stock!


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