Friday, 27 November 2009

Pear trees

Yay, my pear trees have arrived! The two I chose were Beth and Onward. I got them from Deacon's Nursery, but they don't have pictures, hence the links to somewhere else. They pollinate around the same time, Beth's a D and Onward an E, so I shouldn't have any trouble them pollinating each other.

I'm going to plant them in the front garden at home. The front gets lots of sun, being South-facing (that's like being North-facing in Oz or NZ), so I'm hoping they will do well there. Of course, they are only 1 year old maidens, so a few years before I actually get any fruit. Until then, I can dream of making pear juice...

Now I just need it to stop bloody raining so I can get them into the ground...

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