Saturday 19 December 2009

Failure in Copenhagen

I have to say I'm pretty depressed about the outcome, or rather, lack thereof, at Copenhagen. I didn't have high hopes for much, but thought developing countries might get something and there might be some effort for the world leaders to seriously deal with climate change.

However, as I predicted, the only so-called 'new' money is money has previously been announced, comes from aid budgets and/or is going through the bloody World Bank. And don't be fooled by the $100 billion announcement - this is just an 'aim' by developed countries, nothing has actually been committed. And $100billion isn't enough. The best summary of the failure in Copenhagen is from WDM (though I would say that, wouldn't I!). WDM gives a good overview of why it was a failure for developing countries (actually, for all of us), the bullying tactics and bribery developed countries used and the facts behind the finance figures.

The only thing that has cheered me a little is Patrick's overview today about some positive comments about the fact that Seed Laws in the EU are falling apart, and the fact consumers are not taking to GMOs. Perhaps gardeners should be the 'leaders' of the world?