Saturday, 20 February 2010

Ouch, and ouch

In between job hunting, I've been getting some work done both at the lottie and at home. Kevin and I have made lots of progress cutting back the brambles that covers two-thirds of the lottie. But, ouch! Bloody brambles, they really hurt. I cannot seem to find gloves that a strong enough to withstand their ouchness. Argh.

Ouch no. 2 is at home. I'm pulling out a heap of raspberry canes, and they have an ouch factor too. Also, there are some brambles mixed in, so extra ouch. I'm sure other fruit and veg growers will wonder why in the hell I'm pulling up raspberry canes. Well, there is too many of them, and they are in the prime warmest spot in the garden, where frankly I could be growing tomatoes and corn, which I much prefer. So some of the rapsberry canes are moving to a different place, and others are being passed onto friends.

It's satisfying to see the brambles and raspberry canes being cleared, but ouch. My fingers hurt!

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