Friday 1 April 2011

Bonfire of the lotties

Kevin and I are on hols at home for a week or so. Today we were down at the lottie working very hard to try and dig up couch grass. Frankly, when the revolution comes, it's the first to go. Currently it stands: couch grass - 1,000,000, us - 1. sigh.

However, there was some fun too. We had a bit of a bonfire from all the dried out brambles and prunings etc from last year. We had to wait until 6pm, which is when you are allowed to start bonfires. It started off quite well.

 Then went a bit manic and we watered around the edges to keep it under control.

But all was well, and by the time we twilight was just about to start, the bonfire had eaten up all the brambles - yay bonfire. Kevin then watered it as it was dying down to put out any embers and make sure it was safe.

We also cut up more brambles and started preparing for another bonfire in a few weeks. By this point we could actually see our neighbours plot behind us - there is a world beyond the end of our plot!