Sunday 29 December 2013

Landscaping photo essay

For the really keen(!), as much as for my future reference, this is a photo essay giving a step-by-step guide to how the landscaping was done.

Removing the old grass

Rotovating the soil which was heavily compacted, heavy clay

Raking in sand to improve drainage

Digging out soil from the garage wall

Adding paving stones for future water collection tank

Laying out flower bed borders

New turf in

Building starts on the retaining wall, using sleepers

Working out retaining wall and the levels

Creating path to compost bins and water tank area

Laying shale path to compost area

Measuring and laying out raised vegetable beds, taking in ground level changes

The first kitchen garden path going down

Work starts on bespoke pergola

The rest of the kitchen garden paths are laid

Working out the place for the stepping stones to the driveway and garage door

Landscaping work complete

Landscaping work done by Howlett Garden Services, Sheffield, who I thoroughly recommend. For fuller recommendation, see post (scroll to bottom): Landscaping complete, let the growing commence.