Monday, 24 March 2014

Budding promise

Spring is full of promises of things to come. In the garden now, lots of plants are budding; here are a few of them.

I love the marbling on the leaves of Erythronium Pagoda, and the flower itself will soon to flower. I wonder if the flower bud will open up in time for End of Month View?

The budding leaves on my two Acers have really taken off in the last few days...

And I am still enjoying the colour of the stems of the coral bark maple, as well as the new buds, which nicely match the stems:

The first flower has come out on my denticulata primula, with the promise of plenty of buds/flowers to come.

The leaves are unfurling on this clematis. I planted it last autumn and so far it hasn't received any direct sunlight (it gets some sun April to September), yet it clearly eager to get growing.

At the front of the house is my Quince, enjoying the west-facing light much of the day. 

And in the kitchen garden, there is also the promise of future food:

Broad Bean 'Imperial Green Longpod'

What are some of the budding promises in your garden?