Friday 13 June 2014

Remembering Merlyn

Merlyn, our beautiful cat of 14 years, sadly died on Wednesday. He had been unwell for a while, but in the last few weeks the condition (FIV), got so bad that he was no longer eating, and in the Vet's words, "he was wasting away". With great difficulty we agreed it was time to say goodbye.

Merlyn meant so much to us, he was our family. The following is a collection of photos remembering the happy (and healthy) cat we loved, and who gave us such joy.

6 weeks old

An early attraction to shoes laces

So little, so cute

Sleeping in the bathroom sink. Yeh, what of it?

Surveying his world from the top of the shed

The boys are snoozing

You don't mind if I snooze on you whilst you are trying to read, right?

Curling up to a courgette

Weeeeeeeeee. Having a good roll around

Yoghurt lid day is the best!

Do you mind - it's belly cleaning time

Cor, nice belly

 Good place for a snooze

Merlyn's ongoing determination to eat my ornamental grasses

At least this time he wasn't sleeping on the keyboard...

Rest in peace, beautiful Merlyn. Thank you for the joy you gave us.