Wednesday 16 July 2014

Garden visit: Clumber Park Walled Kitchen Garden

Last week we visited Clumber Park Walled Kitchen Garden, which happens to be not far from us here in Sheffield, being on the edge of Nottinghamshire & South Yorkshire near Worksop. I'll let the pictures to the talking. Well, mainly, a little chatter from me too :)

 The most wonderful grapevine ever, growing in the greenhouse. Plus old gardening related tools.

The brilliant joy of Californian poppies en masse

Sweet peas and broad beans

Double red poppy. Pretty, but harder for the bees? 

 My Morello Cherry has quite a bit of catching up to meet the age of this beauty. #Envy

That's some fine pruning & shaping

Yellow-themed planting in the long border

 Exotic planting next to the greenhouse. And what is that phallic plant?!
It really does make a statement. Not sure what kind of a statement though.

Phallic plant, close up of flowers.

Mmmmm, more food growing. And arse end of the scarecrow!

 Loved the mixing of reds, purples, pinks and yellows in this border.

 I loved the trees as a backdrop to the planting in this section of the garden.
I thought they looked really majestic.

 I gave my heart to this Rudbeckia, 'green wizard' I believe.

Above & below: rubarb, rubarb rubarb (blah blah blah). Plus cute cow.

 Blue-themed planting in the long border

 Allium Christophii seed heads

 Orange & red-themed part of the long border

Silky and velvet-like, a Hemrocallis

Overview of back area of the Walled Kitchen Garden

Overview of part of the greenhouse end of the Walled Kitchen garden

A fine walled kitchen garden, tis Clumber Park.