Thursday, 21 August 2014

Peak District: Stanage Edge and summer heather

The heather in the Peak District is flowering. There is a pink tinge to the landscape.

Stanage Edge
 A section of Stanage Edge

 Stanage Edge from the top of the ridge

Stanage Edge, heather and weather

Burbage Rocks
 Towards Burbage Rocks

From Stanage Edge to Burbage Rocks

Looking South and towards Hathersage
A sheep searching for food amongst the heather

 Landscape, wild and 'tamed'

Looking South 

Heading west, Overstones Farm

Bamford, Edale, westwards



  1. Perfect scenery. I love how the colour of the sky in some of your pictures matches the colour of the heather.

  2. Such beautiful photos of a truly beautiful landscape. The heather with the beautiful rocks go so well together. This is how I like to see heather, not contained in a garden!


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