Saturday 4 March 2017


"I don't really have a garden right now". This was my first thought when I read Michelle, over at Veg Plotting's, post #MyGardenRightNow. I'm in the middle of moving house. Furthermore, my garden for the next year is temporary (we are renting), so everything is in pots. But then I realised, my garden right now is, well, potty.

So, ok, I've gone a little over the brief. Alright, a lot over the brief. It's supposed to be 'a' photo of the garden, possibly with me in it. My excuse is that after my initial disappointment of thinking I didn't really have a garden right now, I then got excited about the idea of showing my garden in transit. So here it is. My garden right now.

* * * * *
Garlic, Sorrel, an Acer and other plantings in pots.

Helenium, Rudbeckia, and Crocosmia in pots.

Galanthus and Hepatica in pots.

Grass-Merlyn in a pot. This rather chopped back grass in the foreground containers the ashes of our beloved cat Merlyn. He would always ignore the everyday grass and go straight to my ornamental grasses to chew on. This one, Deschampsia cespitosa 'Goldtau', was his favourite.

Rosa 'seagull' cuttings in a pot. Lots of them, as I'm not sure of what I'm doing. Hopefully one of the c. 10 cuttings will take.

Just potted up Cranberry in a pot.

An alien-like young leaves of Thalcitrum in a pot.

Fargesia 'Red Panda' in a pot. And the pot that looks like nothing is in it, has new growth of Geranium nodosum 'Clos du Coudray' in a pot.

Pots and pots and pots of Strawberries.

A collection of alpines in pots.

Gwenfar's Garden, in a pot. #mygardenrightnow

I'd love to see your garden right now. Leave a comment with a link below and I'll come and visit!

* * * * *
Thanks to Michelle for coming up with such an interesting project, the idea of showing how our gardens are, even at the end of Winter/beginning of Spring, when 'not much' is happening. Clearly, lots is happening. Visit Michelle's blog for links to other gardens right now. And check out the hashtag on Twitter: #mygardenrightnow