Saturday 3 June 2017

My garden right now: Chelsea Fringe edition 2017 #mymardenrightnow

When I took part in My Garden Right Now back in March, my garden was all in pots as we were about to move house. Well, we have moved house, but as we are renting for a year, most of garden remains potty!

Because I have the chronic illness ME, which hasn't been good in recent months, I don't have much energy to garden. I needed to set up my temporary garden in a way that made it easiest to manage. I've done this by laying down some permeable membrane, topped with woodchips/bark, in one section of the garden. This keeps most of the watering, an energy-consuming job, confined to one area. When we leave, we will lay down some turf to restore that area to the way in which we found it.

I also have a small display area for my alpines.

My gardener and I restored the one border that did exist (it was filled with weeds), but again, I've kept most things in pots, except for some herbs and strawberries, which I will gift to the future renters.

So that's my temporary garden right now.

And finally, this is me in my slippers. Coz sometimes it's just nice to wander around and enjoy the plants in the garden, before heading back to bed to rest again. 

I'd love to see your garden right now. Leave a comment with a link below and I'll come and visit!

* * * * *
Thanks to Michelle for continuing this project, this time as part of the Chelsea Fringe. Visit Michelle's blog for links to other gardens right now. And check out the hashtag on Twitter: #mygardenrightnow