Thursday 10 May 2018

In praise of: Narcissi Falconet

I know, most of you are thinking daff time is over, let's move on to other Spring plants and bulbs. But before you do, I suggest you consider this little beauty for next years pots or borders.

Narcissi Falconet is a Tazetta type of narcissi, fragrant, with a cluster of smaller flowers on the same stem. These sit very prettily above their long strong stems. They are meant to flower a bit earlier, late March-early April, but not only did I plant them late, this years long cold Spring held them up.

Not only does this Narcissi cheerily flower for nearly 3 weeks, it also has the most delicious fragrance. I've had some in a pot by the front door and every time I pass it's like I'm inhaling sunshine. Ok, that might be a little O.T.T., but you get what I mean.

I've been so enraptured by this Narcissi I'm planning on buying a lot more for next year* so that I can have some to stay in pots and the ground, and some to cut for the house.

I recommend Narcissi Falconet to you.

*I purchased mine from Peter Nyssen bulbs. And no, I didn't get anything from them. I just love their range, quality and price.