Sunday, 21 April 2019

Daily Perennials: 15th to 21st April 2019

Between health and being away on holiday, I've not been posting Daily Perennials for a couple of weeks. I've decided that previously it was requiring too much work/energy researching each plant, so I've decided to simplify it with a picture and a fewer words.

Friday 19th April - Tulip Humilus Eastern Star

This is species tulip: Tulip Humilus Eastern Star. It's the last of the species tulips (meaning, closest to the wildest ones) flowering in my garden this year. Great colour, and loved by the bees.

Saturday 20th April - Ajuga reptans 'atropurpurea'
I have this in my mini Forest Garden Border. It's a good evergreen mat-forming ground cover plant and helps cover bare soil so there are less weeds. Another one loved by bees. It also has purple leaves and flowers. I love purple.

Sunday 21st April - Pulsatilla vulgaris
It seemed appropriate to post the Pasqueflower, the Easter flower, on Easter Sunday. Do stroke this plant, the flowers and leaves. It's so tactile with it's silky fine hairs; like stroking a cat. Mmmm. Another purple flower :)

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  1. For some read0n we can’t keep Pasqueflower flowers - they just disappear.

    1. I've had the problem in the past too. I found they grow better in pots or raised beds than in borders.


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