Friday 3 May 2019

Photo essay: Solva Harbour, Pembrokeshire, April 2019

The head of the harbour at Solva

We recently spent about 9 days down in Solva, Pembrokeshire. Solva is only a few miles away from St David's and it's a quiet and sweet little village. We stayed at Caswell House, which we loved, and it was an easy scooter ride down to the harbour. Yes, there was a scenic path to the harbour for people who use mobility scooters - it's one of the reasons why we chose this location. 

Solva (Solfach) was a beautiful village and we enjoyed the stroll/roll down to the harbour several times. My favourite place (besides the coast!) was Mamgu (pron. Mamgee) cafe, where they served both traditional and modern Welsh cakes, cooked fresh to order, and had really excellent coffee. Lots of people are sticklers about traditional Welsh cakes, and don't get me wrong, I love them. But the Cranberry and white chocolate ones were just delicious and became my favourite.

These photos are of the views on our stroll/roll down to the harbour.

Boats on the harbour

More boats on the harbour. And sparkling water. I really liked the boats and the sparkling water.

Looking towards the village of Solva

The c. 200 year old Lime Kilns. Making lime was once the main industry in the village.

Scooter view looking towards the head of the harbour.

I should mention that the route for the scooter wasn't always paved, and might be a bit steep for people with manual wheelchairs.

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