Sunday, 5 February 2012

Garden visit: Anglesea Abbey (2nd visit)

The winter walk includes many trees and shrubs that
give wonderful winter colour:
hamamelis, cornus, viburnum, betula and prunus

Anglesea Abbey is well known as one of the best winter gardens in England. I've visited before and I'll visit again. This years visit, yesterday, was as lovely as always. It has to be said that the sudden freeze had meant that the poor snowdrops have been hit, and whilst they were flowering, quite a lot were laid low by the cold weather. But there is so much to enjoy in the winter garden and by the Lode mill, that you don't just go for the snowdrops. My visit in pictures...

hamamelis, with cornus behind

The lovely bark of Acer griseum

Galanthus 'Ophelia'

Galanthus 'Merlin'

Galantus 'Galatea'

The beautiful shiny bark of Prunus Serrula

Birch grove, betula jacquemontii

Canal by the Lode Mill

Reflections of the Poplars in the ice

Young Miguel cannot resist testing the icy canal, with parents Patrick and Lyn 

L-R: Audrey, Lyn, Patrick, moi, Kevin

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  1. Excellent photos of Anglesea Abbey. They really make me want to travel around to see lots of winter gardens.


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