Wednesday, 3 February 2016

Photo Essay: Burbage and Stanage Edge

I faced a choice today. I could be taken on a drive through the Peak District in the sun, or I could go to the Hardy Plant Society (HPS) talk tonight. I didn't have enough spoons to do both. I love HPS talks and fellow plant enthusiasts are so friendly. But given the droll winter we have had, a cool beautiful blue sky sunny day was too much to pass up.

The photographs are from my mobile, so not the best quality, but I think you can see I made the right choice.

Burbage Edge (north end)

Stanage Edge

From Stanage looking towards Castleton & Mam Tor

From Stanage, looking towards Chesterfield

I feel very MECFS tired, but also very uplifted. Definitely the right choice.


  1. It looks beautiful up there. Cold, but so fresh.

  2. Absolutely the right choice, these crisp clear days have been a sad rarity this year, and I think ceasing the moment to boost the spirits with all that wide landscape under blue sky is well worth the price. I am sorry you can't do both though, I remember those choices all too well.

  3. Beautiful views. We've had so little sun recently, it seems to make sense to enjoy it when you have the chance.


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