Thursday, 25 August 2016

Quince watch 2016: August update - dreams blown away

Back in July, I was very excited to have nine quincelets on my Quince tree. I was seeing Quince Jelly in my future. All was rosy.

Alas, my dreams have been crushed. Or more to the point, blown away by the recent high winds. The above photograph is of the last quinces to fall.

No Quince Jelly for Gwenfar. None for the Quince Co-operative that Alison over at the Blackberry Garden suggested we set up. You know, a group of us pooling all our quinces in the hope several of us can get a jar each.

All our hopes, that at least someones tree has born edible fruit, now rest upon Nicola from Dogwood Days and Beryl at Mud and Gluts. Do we dare ask how their trees are going?

As for me, maybe next year.

* * * * *
I am growing Cydonia oblonga 'Serbian Gold', also known as 'Leskovac'. My tree is about 6 years old.


  1. Will hopefully have a few that make it through autumn! Mine are Serbian Gold (one quince, 3 years old but in a tiny tiny pot) and Vranja (about 30 quinces, 6ish years old, in the ground). I am really hoping for more quince brandy...I've nearly polished off the 2 bottles I made last year. From someone else's quinces - I drove all the way to Milton Keynes for them, that's the level of my desperation!

    1. I can relate to your desperation. May Vranja come through with the goods :)

  2. What a shame, better luck next year they will work 😀 xx


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