Saturday 22 April 2017

Garden visit: Renishaw with friends

We visit Renishaw Hall Gardens at least a couple of times a year, and often around bluebell time. This year coincided with Easter and friends. So this is a slightly tongue-in-cheek take on visiting Renishaw Hall Gardens with friends. If you want less people and more bluebells (!), visit my 2015 post.
L-R: Manishta, Kevin, golden cupid thingy in the distance, Kate & J-P.

You get the drill, only this time with moi.

It seems hares do the cat cleaning it's paw thing. Yes, I know it's a sculpture, but my view stands.

As well as bluebells, there were Magnolias.

Manishta drinking of the wine of the Magnolia. Manishta, you can stop now. Really.

It wasn't long after this malarkey that I realised I had no energy to walk any further. We had barely got past the entrance (though I felt like I'd walked miles), but MECFS doesn't care about that. Kevin thought to go back to find out if they had any mobility scooters we could hire. They did, and the hire was free, and what's more, rather than making me walk back, they brought the scooter to me. Being able to use the scooter made all the difference. I had been thinking that Kevin might have to take me home, but instead I was able to continue to enjoy the day with my friends. Thank you Renishaw.

Borrowed landscape with cows.

One of these friends is not like the others.

Manishta: ok, I'll smile then.

Even Ms-I-don't-care-for-camellias (that's me in case you were wondering)
thought the colour looked wonderful against the bluebells.

Two heads are better than one. 

I think this is the Benny Hill element of the visit.

Girls just wanna enjoy bluebells.

Magnolia 'Vulcan'

Rubus spectabilis Olympic Double - thanks to Gill at Off the Edge Gardening for the id.
(previously labelled as a double flowered dog-rose)

Didn't catch it's name. But pretty.

 In case we missed it, J-P demonstrates the shapes arising from the shuttlecock ferns.

 Kate wonders if she can pass.

You shall not pass! So that's a nope, then.

Is she taking photos again?

 Wait for it...

What larks, says J-P.

Wait for it part 2... 

Is that a castle arising from the steps?! 

Unlike Kate, I got passed the statues on my scooter.
It was worth their wrath to see this view. 

If I was them, I'd be opening those windows in the evenings.
Coz who cares about a cold April wind when there is Wisteria fragrance, right?

T'was a wonderful visit. Made the more so because of the use of the mobility scooter. Much of Renishaw is wheelchair/scooter accessible, including the bluebell woods, and they even have a scooter map to show you the best scooter paths.

And, in case you need the incentive, they have a pretty darned good little cafe. Good for sitting in with friends eating yummy food. Both lunch, and afternoon tea ;)

Friends and flowers. It was a fab day.

OMG it ME, says Kate.